We are convinced, that success is the result of honest and consistent activity. Our aim is to find legal solutions which are viable, cost efficient, optimal and beneficial for our clients. We have one clear goal in everything we do: Your benefit. We want to create added value for our clients through working solutions in every case we undertake.

Your success is our success as well!

About Us


Attorney at law, member of Harghita County Bar

Arbitrator, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Harghita

Public procurement expert

Master in European Union Private Law | LL.M. – University of Pécs (HU) & Babeș-Bolyai University (RO)

Master in Management and Leadership| MSc. – Corvinus University (HU), Budapest

Languages: Hungarian (mother tongue), Romanian (advanced), English (intermediate)

Our Values

we share with You:

Responsibility – We take full responsibility for our Clients in all cases.

Respect for labour – We work to provide the most advantageous outcome for the client, we are passionate to achieve ambitious goals and follow high standards.

Competence – Our professional competence is available for the Client right from the first meeting.

Trust – We always aim to build a true partnership with our client. We respect the client: our word is our bond.

Openness for dialog – A precondition to solving problems is to understand them and also to understand our clients. We take the opinions and arguments of others seriously. It is important for us to maintain a permanent and constructive dialogue with our clients.

Practice Areas

Business Law

Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions

Insolvency, Personal Liability of the Board Members

Administrative and Tax Litigation

Public Procurement

National and International Transportation Law

Real Estate and Renewable Energy Investments

Recovery for Material and Moral Damages, Insurance Law

Associations & Foundations, Sport Organizations

Contraventional Law


Our office:

530100 Miercurea Ciuc, Libertății Square, no. 10/A/2, Harghita County

 : (004)0741290829, : (004)0366/114932,
 : office@szekelycsaba.eu 

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